Smart Platform & IoT Division

We at SiS specialized in the field of Smart Platform in the UAE, energy management systems in hotels, protection and low voltage systems, as well as we are authorized agents of many European companies in supplying electrical materials such as switches, electrical lighting and motion sensors.

How do you imagine your future home ?
We at SiS are working to be at the forefront of companies that work to provide their customers with the latest systems related to the smart home system and to exploit the latest technology tools such as cloud technology and IoT technology, and integrate them all into one integrated system and through a smart application on devices The smart phone, which guarantees the customer multiple ways of
controlling his home through voice, smart phone, smart touch screens or smart keys, making your homes friendly and under your watch at all times and from anywhere.

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Wulian Wireless Home Automation
System Zigbee Based

ZigBee is enabling technology
of Home automation which
designates an emerging practice of
increased automation of intelligent
appliances and household
applications. ZigBee has many
advantages of high availability, low
power consumption, a low cost which
ideal for residential settings.


 Industrial & Factory Field:
 PLCs – Programmable Logic Controllers
 Signals Transmitters and Convertors
 Terminal-block type / Connector type /Interface Relay
 HMI & & Visualization Tools
 Motors & Gears
 Power Supplies
 Industrial & Control Valves

 Smart Platform :
 Smart Home Systems
 IoT Devices and Controllers
 Guest Room Management System (GRMS)
 Security & CCTV Systems
 Door Access Systems
 Smart Devices and Appliance